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China’s police chief calls for global cooperation on public security at forum – South China Morning Post

China’s top police chief has called on world powers to strengthen cooperation on public security, as Beijing seeks to expand its influence in global governance.

Public Security Minister Wang Xiaohong made the remarks on Wednesday in a speech at the opening ceremony of the Global Public Security Cooperation Forum in Lianyungang, eastern Jiangsu province.

On Tuesday, Wang met officials from Guyana, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan who are attending the forum, which runs until Thursday, state news agency Xinhua reported.

They included Robeson Benn, Guyana’s home affairs minister, Petr Gorodov, Russia’s deputy prosecutor general, Ulan Niyazbekov, Kyrgyzstan’s interior minister, and Ramazon Rahimzoda, Tajikistan’s interior minister.

During his meeting with the Russian deputy prosecutor general, Wang expressed hope for the two countries to “strengthen cooperation in maintaining political security and anti-interference”, according to the Xinhua report.

Public Security Minister Wang Xiaohong said developing countries should focus on their domestic security problems. Photo: Weibo

Noting the need to build a network for cooperation on public security, Wang on Wednesday told the forum that global powers “with more resources and advantages” should take the lead in upholding fairness and justice in the international community and take a stand against hegemony.

He added that developing countries should focus on addressing their domestic security problems and avoid becoming a hotbed of crime.

Wang also stressed the importance of building a mechanism for collaboration that is cross-border and cross-industry, saying that “differences should not be a reason to hinder communication”.

China plans to train 5,000 security personnel from developing countries

Beijing released a concept paper in February on its Global Security Initiative, a plan announced by President Xi Jinping in April last year as China tries to take a bigger role in global governance and security.

In the paper, Beijing reiterates its call for countries to strengthen strategic dialogue to improve mutual trust and manage differences.

The annual forum in Lianyungang – which was first held in 2015 – is included in the paper as a platform that can contribute to “deepening exchanges and cooperation on security”.

The paper also calls for more such global security forums to provide new platforms for governments, international organisations, think tanks and social organisations to “leverage their advantages and participate in global security governance”.

Cybercrime crackdown reveals warming ties between China and Myanmar

This year’s gathering in Lianyungang – organised by the China Association for Friendship – is themed “One world, common security”. Law enforcement officials and academics are among the more than 500 attendees from 50 countries and regions including the United Kingdom, Russia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Egypt, and organisations including Interpol.

Chen Zhimin, head of the association, said security issues were now more connected, transnational and diverse at a time of growing great power rivalry and rising geopolitical tensions.

He said that the global security governance system was “seriously lagging behind” as security risks grew, giving the examples of terrorism, cybercrime and organised crime.

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